Is 1200 A Good SAT Score? Best Colleges That Accept 1200

Is 1200 A Good SAT Score? Best Colleges That Accept 1200

Written by Chris Hernandez

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Is 1200 a good score on the SAT? And what colleges accept students who scored a 1200? This article covers these questions and more.

One crucial aspect of preparing for the SAT is to establish a score target.

It is advisable to take the SAT and submit your score to your desired university. Despite the lack of compulsion due to COVID-19-related changes, having a strong SAT score may be the deciding factor for admission officers who receive thousands of applications. It allows them to compare you to other prospective students.

To ensure success in gaining admission to your preferred school, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the SAT exam and its scoring system. It is important to know what score is satisfactory for your academic goals and how to improve your score if necessary.

This article will provide an overview of the SAT exam and its scoring system, including percentile scores. Additionally, we will provide a list of schools that accept a score of 1200 and those where admission is most likely.

If your desired score is higher than 1200, we will also provide guidance on how to increase it. Take the first step towards achieving your academic goals and gaining admission to your dream school.

How is the SAT Scored?

The scoring for the SAT exam is based on a 1600-point grading scale, which is divided into two sections – Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

Both of these sections are scored between 200 and 800, while the optional essay section is scored separately. Your score report is determined by the number of questions you answered correctly, and there is no penalty for incorrect answers. It is not possible to score zero in the exam.

What is the Average SAT Score?

The 2020 SAT Annual Report by the College Board disclosed that out of 2.2 million high school graduates who took the exam, the average composite score was 1051, with the average Reading & Writing score being 528 and the average Mathematics score being 523. However, it is not enough to just consider the average score.

What is the Percentile Score?

Percentile scores are also important as they indicate how well a student performed compared to other test-takers on the same day.

For instance, scoring in the 90th percentile means that a student performed better than 90% of test-takers, while scoring in the 18th percentile means that a student only outperformed 18% of test-takers.

Therefore, percentile score is a better measure of a student's performance on the SAT exam. The table below provides an idea of what is considered great, good, and bad SAT scores. However, your chosen school’s requirements play a significant role.





Between 1350 and 1600

Between 90th and 100th


Between 1050 and 1350

Between 50th and 90th


Between 600 and 1050

Anything below 50th

Although a score of 1200 puts you right in the middle between bad and great, you’ll see on the following lists of schools and the average SAT scores of students they enrolled, your list of universities is limited. Improving by a small amount, even to just a 1300 SAT score, can have a solid impact.

Although some universities and colleges may require SAT scores above 1200, other factors such as impressive academic records, positive letters of recommendation, and involvement in sports and extracurricular activities can also contribute to gaining admission to these institutions.

The following institutions accept 1200 SAT scores, but based on the average acceptance scores you can see that the likelihood of admission is low. If your goal is to go to any of these schools, working to get a higher SAT score will improve your chances.


SAT Average


Miami University


Oxford, Ohio

University of California – Davis


Davis, California

University of Arizona


Tucson, Arizona

Hofstra University  


Hempstead, New York

University of Cincinnati


Oxford, Ohio

Arizona State University


Tempe, Arizona

Texas Christian University


Fort Worth, Texas

Seton Hall University  


South Orange, New Jersey

Temple University


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Getting into the following schools could also be challenging, especially those with average SAT scores exceeding 1220. If you can increase your SAT score, you will have a significantly better chance at getting accepted.


SAT Average


University of Houston


Houston, Texas

Pace University  


New York, New York

University of Alabama


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Howard University


Washington, DC

Michigan State University


East Lansing, Michigan

University of Oklahoma


Norman, Oklahoma

Having a 1200 SAT score puts you in a great position to be accepted to the following schools. It is very probable that you will be admitted if you apply. If you can increase your SAT score, the schools you can apply to as your 'safety' schools will become even more favorable.


SAT Average


Colorado State University 


Fort Collins, Colorado

University of Oregon


Eugene, Oregon

Ohio University   


Athens, Ohio

University of North Texas


Denton, Texas

Florida Atlantic University


Boca Raton, Florida

San Jose State University


San Jose, California

Illinois State University  


Normal, Illinois

Washington State University


Pullman, Washington

Texas State University


San Marcos, South Texas

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What is the SAT?

The SAT is an exam that high schoolers take to demonstrate their academic abilities and decide if they are ready for college. It is a nationally recognized assessment, but the content and difficulty of the exam change from year to year, so adequate preparation for the three sections—Reading, Writing & Language, and Math (No Calculator & Calculator)—is essential for a successful score.

Written by Founder
Chris Hernandez

Christopher Hernandez, the founder of Amikka Learning, couldn’t afford expensive SAT tutoring so he spent hundreds of hours studying on his own.

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