Over 2000


+5 Points

ACT Average

8 Years


+240 Points

SAT Average

Top 1%

Tutor Scoring



Amikka Academic Tutoring

  1. Detailed personalization

    Based on the results of a diagnostic test, our courses are fully personalized to target each student’s weaknesses by addressing content gaps and providing test-taking strategies.

  2. Unbeatable track record

    In the past 8 years, we've helped 2,000 students improve their grades, AP scores, and standardized test scores, which has allowed them to earn over $25 million in scholarships.

  3. Most qualified tutors in the nation

    Our tutors scored in the top 1% of test-takers and attended one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

  4. Unlimited resources

    We provide students with custom resources to help them achieve their scoring goals: practice exams, video content, practice questions, and study guides.

  5. Money-back guarantee

    We provide families with peace of mind by making our courses risk-free. Students who don’t see score improvements receive refunds.

  6. Free additional course

    Students are given free access to one additional course if they wish to further improve their scores.

  7. Real-time tracking

    We track progress to drive data-driven decisions. We provide agendas, session reports, scoring trends, and feedback opportunities.

  8. Customized structure

    Our tutors create a consistent structure for each student’s program to ensure accountability.

  9. Tutor matching guarantee

    If for any reason a student is unhappy with their tutor, we’ll immediately match them with an instructor who better fits their needs.

Our Process

The Amikka method offers a smooth path to
improving grades and AP scores.


Initial Evaluation

Students complete practice questions and tests to identify their strengths and weaknesses.



We personalize learning by assessing abilities, answering questions, motivating students, and creating accountability.


Content Deep-Dive

We break down every course concept in a way that’s digestible and memorable.



We track progress and replicate test-day conditions to ensure that our students are ready.

Student Success Stories

Over the past eight years, we’ve deconstructed
standardized testing and college admissions.

Ava scored a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam, earning her college credit. After working with Amikka, she went from having a C average in the class to an A.

Ethan went from failing his AP English class to finishing with a B average. He worked with a tutor to improve his writing and grammar skills, managing his time effectively.

Ana worked with us as a freshman to improve her algebra grades. She ended up scoring in the top 1% of test-takers on the SAT Math section. After receiving college advising, she was accepted to UPenn.


Our Team

Our team attended the nation’s most selective universities. We mastered the
process and specialize in helping our students do the same.

Cliff scored in the top 1% of the ACT and has helped dozens of students get into their top schools. He spent over 4 years studying how to best approach standardized testing and academic coaching in order to maximize score improvements.

Krislyn is one of our highest-rated instructors. She got a 35 on her ACT and scored in the 98th percentile on the SAT. Krislyn’s goal is to help alleviate the pressure that school exams and standardized testing places on students through middle school and high school.

Amanda specializes in helping freshman and sophomores plan their academic schedules to maximize their chances of getting good GPAs, having enough flexibility for extracurriculars, and planning for college early on.


Get Results.
Affordable. Risk-Free.

For your peace of mind, we have
money-back guarantees for all of our courses.

Private Tutoring

1-on-1 coaching for highly personalized strategy and instruction.

Starting at

What’s included:

  • Top 1% tutor
  • Flexible 1-on-1 coaching
  • Mindset Training video course

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Amikka’s tutors and advisors special?

  • Our tutors scored in the top 1% of test-takers. Learn more about our tutors here
  • Our college advising team attended Harvard, UPenn, and Duke. We just mastered this process. Now we’re helping the next generation do the same.

How can I be sure that I can trust working with Amikka?

  • We’ve helped over 2000 students get into their dream schools and earn over $25,000,000 in scholarship money.
  • We have a money-back guarantee to ensure that families get refunded if students don’t improve their grades.

Are Amikka’s courses affordable?

For the qualifications of our tutors and our scoring statistics, we offer the lowest course prices in the industry. You can see our pricing here.

Does Amikka have a money-back guarantee?

  • We’re so confident in our tutoring and coaching services, that we offer money-back guarantees for all of our courses. 
  • We hope that our money-back guarantees provide families with the peace of mind needed to work with us. If you’d like to learn more, check out our terms of service.

What else makes Amikka unique from other tutoring companies?

  • We get students into their dream schools with our college advising courses. 
  • With Amikka’s standardized testing courses, our students on average improve 240 points on the SAT and 5 points on the ACT.
  • Preparing for college admissions can be stressful. Our students receive free access to our Mindset Training course to maximize their mental health.
  • We partner with nonprofits and after-school programs. Our mission is to increase access to higher education for students from low-income and diverse backgrounds.

What happens if I don’t like my 1-on-1 tutor?

We have a tutor satisfaction guarantee. If the student doesn’t love their tutor, we will match them with a new tutor who meets their needs. We can also refund you for all unused hours.

How does Amikka improve a student’s grade?

  • We teach students all of the strategies and content needed to master any academic subject and AP exam. 
  • Our students are ready for test day after taking several practice tests and completing practice questions. 
  • Confidence is also a key to success. We ensure that students build confidence with testing to stay focused, think clearly, and answer questions correctly.

Does academic tutoring only help students improve their grades?

In addition to improving grades, academic tutoring will help students develop good study habits. Our coaches help students organize their time, take effective notes, and prepare for tests.

How does Amikka help a student develop a positive attitude?

  • Our team has been trained to create a positive and supportive learning environment so students feel comfortable asking questions and challenging themselves.
  • We believe that a positive attitude is essential for success in academics, standardized testing, and college admissions. When motivated and excited about learning, students are more likely to achieve their goals.

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