3-Month Prep Course

Flexible Start Date and Time

Amikka Learning offers a comprehensive college consulting course for high school students interested in attending their dream schools—whether it’s an Ivy League university, a local state college, or anything in between.

The course covers all the strategy and content needed for a student to get accepted to any university in the country.

Led by recent Ivy League graduates, the program includes personalized live coaching, over 80 videos of content, yearly checklists, college essay examples, email templates, and a range of additional resources.

Core Curriculum

All of our courses cover expert strategy for:

  • Applications
  • Essays
  • Interviews
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Extracurriculars
  • College lists

Our coaches meet with their students to discuss their progress through our program. A coach’s primary goal is to personalize the student's experience by walking them through every step of the college admissions process, answering any questions, serving as a mentor, motivating the student, and holding them accountable.



Top 1% Instructor

Krislyn is an SAT and ACT tutor for Amikka Test Prep. She scored a 35 on her ACT and in the 99th percentile on the SAT. Krislyn understands that her educators played a great role in her excellent academic achievements, so she wants to return the favor to others.

Course Schedule

Utilizing our resources, Amikka’s coaches help students:

  • Plan for standardized testing
  • Navigate the Common Application
  • Brainstorm college essay responses
  • Register for financial aid Secure letters of recommendation
  • Prepare for college interviews
  • Choose their list of colleges to apply to
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Weigh their college options and important factors for making the final decision
  • Apply to summer programsSet their goals for the academic year
  • Keep track of their accomplishments
  • Plan for courses
  • Gain leadership positions in their extracurricular activities
  • Meet with their guidance counselor
  • Reflect on their performance in a constructive way
  • Stay motivated and optimistic


Downloadable Resources

  • Summer program list
  • Achievement tracker
  • Course schedule planner
  • GPA tracker
  • Activities list
  • Scholarship list
  • Checklist for every school year
  • Master four-year checklist
  • Email templates (college admissions officer, waitlist, teacher help, recommendations, college counselor)
  • End-of-year reflection
  • Goal-setting
  • Personal statement college essay ideation
  • Supplemental college essay ideation
  • Resume building and ideation


Our Mindset Training
Course (Included)

Preparing for college admissions can be stressful, so our students also receive free access to our Mindset Training course. This course covers essential topics and techniques for students to maximize their mental health during high school and the college admissions process.

Utilizing psychological research, this course addresses the following topics within the context of the college admissions process:

  • Problem solving
  • Creativity Active listening
  • Gratitude
  • Small habits compounding
  • Growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Self-advocacy
  • Building confidence
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Test-taking anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Amikka’s advisors and tutors special?

  • Our college advising team attended Harvard, UPenn, and Duke. We just mastered this process. Now we’re helping the next generation do the same.
  • Our tutors scored in the top 1% of test-takers. Learn more about our tutors here.

How does Amikka help students get into their dream school?

  • We cover all the strategies and content needed to get into any university in the country—from freshman to senior year..
  • We help students navigate and prepare for college applications, essays, interviews, financial aid, scholarships, extracurriculars, building college lists, and more.

How can I be sure that I can trust working with Amikka?

  • We’ve helped over 2000 students get into their dream schools and earn over $25,000,000 in scholarship money.
  • We have a money-back guarantee to ensure that families get refunded if students don’t improve their scores.

Are Amikka’s courses affordable?

For the qualifications of our coaches, we offer the lowest course prices in the industry. You can see our pricing here.

Does Amikka have a money-back guarantee?

  • We’re so confident in our advising and tutoring services, that we offer money-back guarantees if a student doesn’t get accepted to one of their target schools.
  • We hope that our money-back guarantees provide families with the peace of mind needed to work with us. If you’d like to learn more, check out our terms of service.

What else makes Amikka unique from other college advising companies?

  • With Amikka’s standardized testing courses, our students on average improve 240 points on the SAT and 5 points on the ACT.
  • We help our students with every academic subject to boost their GPAs before application season.
  • Preparing for college admissions can be stressful. Our students receive free access to our Mindset Training course to maximize their mental health.
  • We partner with nonprofits and after-school programs. Our mission is to increase access to higher education for students from low-income and diverse backgrounds.

How do I know which course type to select?

  • We offer a variety of course types to match every student’s budget and learning style.
  • Our 3-Month Online Course provides live coaching for just-in-time help with applications, interviews, and essays.
  • Our 1-Year Online Course provides live coaching for full preparation for application season.
  • Our Private Coaching provides 1-on-1 advising for highly personalized strategy.
  • Our Video Course provides self-paced learning for ultra-low cost and complete flexibility.

At what age should a student begin college advising?

Our course covers strategies and content from freshman to senior year of high school. We recommend that students join as early as possible to maximize their chances of getting into their dream school. For students joining later in high school, we offer a 3-month online course.

What happens if I don’t like my private coach?

We have a coach satisfaction guarantee. If the student doesn’t love their coach, we will match them with a new coach who meets their needs. We can also refund you for all unused hours.

Is working with a college coach a strategic investment?

  • The cost of college is skyrocketing, and scholarships are becoming increasingly competitive. This makes working with a college coach a strategic investment in a student’s future.
  • A qualified college advisor can increase a student's chances of getting scholarships by helping with scholarship lists, essays, applications, and interviews. This can save families a significant amount of money when it comes to paying for college.

How does Amikka help a student develop a positive attitude?

  • Our team has been trained to create a positive and supportive learning environment so students feel comfortable asking questions and challenging themselves.
  • We believe that a positive attitude is essential for success in college admissions, academics, and standardized testing. When students are motivated and excited about learning, they are more likely to achieve their goals.

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