What to Look for on College Campus Tours & Questions to Ask

What to Look for on College Campus Tours & Questions to Ask

Written by Chris Hernandez

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This post is a follow-up for Amikka Learning’s Guide on Touring Colleges. Be sure to check it out!

The Importance of College Visits

Much like the intensity of preparing for the SAT, visiting colleges requires planning. Your college experience will shape your future, and a campus visit offers a firsthand look at the environment where you'll spend crucial years of your life.

One-Day College Visit Strategy

Most people, if they are fortunate, only have one day to visit a select university. While a single day might seem limited, with some planning, you can gain valuable insights into a college's atmosphere, academics, and overall environment. Here's how to make the most of your one-day college visit:

1. Focus on Your Priorities

After thoroughly researching the university online, identify your priorities and focus areas. Is a strong engineering program crucial for you? Do you thrive in a vibrant campus community? Do you want to explore off-campus? Tailor your online research to address these priorities and create a checklist of key elements you want to evaluate during your on-site visit.

2. Campus Atmosphere and Culture

During your visit, immerse yourself in the campus atmosphere. Take note of the student body's energy, the vibe of the surrounding community, and the overall culture of the campus. This will help you gauge whether you can see yourself thriving in the college’s environment for the next four years.

3. Academic Offerings and Facilities

Explore the academic offerings and facilities available. Attend information sessions and departmental tours to get a sense of the programs offered and the resources available to students. Look for well-equipped libraries, modern laboratories, and any specialized facilities related to your intended major.

4. Housing and Campus Amenities

Take a tour of the dormitories and campus amenities. Consider the living conditions, dining options, and recreational facilities. Your living environment plays a significant role in your overall college experience, so make sure it aligns with your preferences and needs.

5. Career Services and Internship Opportunities

Investigate the college's commitment to career services and internship placement. A strong emphasis on helping students transition into the workforce can significantly impact your post-graduation success. Look for on-campus recruitment events, internship fairs, and alumni networks.

6. Financial Aid and Scholarships

Understanding the financial aspect of college is crucial. Make an appointment with a financial aid advisor, explore scholarship opportunities, and inquire about work-study programs. A clear understanding of the financial aid landscape will help you make informed decisions about affordability.

7. Attend a Class or Lecture

Maximize your time on campus by attending a class or lecture related to your intended major if possible. This will provide insights into the academic atmosphere, teaching styles, and engagement levels of students. Check the college's online schedule for open classes or guest lectures.

8. Engage with Current Students

Take advantage of opportunities to interact with current students. Visit common areas, such as cafeterias or student centers, and strike up conversations. Ask about their experiences, the social scene, and any challenges they've faced. This will give you a firsthand perspective on student life.

9. Attend an Extracurricular Activity

Check if there are any extracurricular activities or events happening on the day of your visit. Attend a club meeting, sports event, or cultural activity to witness the vibrancy of campus life. This will help you envision your potential involvement outside the classroom.

Asking Questions on Your Visit

Asking insightful questions during your college visit is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of the institution. Here are some questions you might consider asking your tour guide or students on campus:

Campus Life and Culture:

  1. What do students do for fun on the weekends?
  2. How would you describe the campus culture?
  3. Are there any unique traditions or events that happen on campus?
  4. How easy is it to get involved in clubs and organizations?
  5. Can you share your favorite memory or experience at this college?


  1. What's the average class size, especially for introductory courses?
  2. How accessible are professors, and do they offer office hours?
  3. Are there research opportunities for undergraduate students?
  4. Can you speak to the internship and job placement support provided by the college?
  5. How would you describe the academic workload and the balance with extracurricular activities?

Campus Facilities:

  1. Are there modern facilities for [your major] on campus?
  2. How is the Wi-Fi connectivity and technology resources on campus?
  3. What is the library like, and how often do students use it for studying?
  4. Are there recreation or fitness facilities available to students?
  5. How's the availability of quiet study spaces on campus?

Student Support:

  1. Can you tell me about the counseling and mental health services available?
  2. Is there a writing center or tutoring services for academic support?
  3. How does the college assist students with career planning and job placement?
  4. Are there mentorship programs or opportunities to connect with alumni?
  5. What resources are available for students who may need additional academic support?

Housing and Campus Services:

  1. How do housing assignments work, and what are the different housing options?
  2. Are there dining options for various dietary preferences, and how is the food quality?
  3. What's the general atmosphere in the dorms, and how easy is it to find roommates?
  4. Are there laundry facilities and other essential services readily available on campus?
  5. How safe is the campus, and what security measures are in place?

Future Plans:

  1. How has your college experience influenced your career goals?
  2. Are there opportunities for students to study abroad or participate in exchange programs?
  3. What kind of support is available for students interested in entrepreneurship or starting their own projects?
  4. How has the college supported students during challenging times, such as the recent pandemic?
  5. What advice would you give to a prospective student considering this college?

Feel free to adapt these questions based on your personal interests and priorities. Engaging in meaningful conversations will provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision about whether the college aligns with your academic and personal goals.

In Conclusion…

While a one-day college visit might seem brief, with careful planning and a focused approach, you can gather valuable information to inform your decision on what college is right for you. Combine online research with on-site observations and questions to evaluate key aspects such as academics, student life, and campus facilities. A thoughtful and thorough approach to a college visit will pave the way for a rewarding college experience. Good luck on your college exploration journey!


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