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College Advising Course Curriculum

  1. College Applications

    From start to finish, we help students build every aspect of their application to make them competitive applicants to any university.

  2. Personal Statement and Essay Writing

    Our students learn how to showcase their unique strengths through their college essays. They’ll clearly demonstrate the unmatched value they’ll bring to any college campus. 

  3. Building a Hook

    To stand out from tens of thousands of other applicants, our students learn how to develop a coherent theme across their involvement that aligns with their interests and highlights their talent.

  4. College Lists and Selection

    Based on a detailed evaluation of goals and abilities, we work with students to create a personalized list of reach, match, and safety schools. Once they get their acceptances, we help weigh the different options and choose the perfect fit.

  5. Recommendation Letters

    Our advisors explain how to select the perfect recommender who can speak to a student’s strengths and character—whether it’s a teacher, mentor, manager, or coach.

  6. Financial Aid

    Leveraging financial aid opportunities can make any university in the country affordable. For those who qualify, we help students understand and apply for financial aid packages.

  7. Scholarship Applications

    We provide students with lists of scholarships that cater to different abilities, interests, and experiences. Our students have earned over $25,000,00 in total scholarship money.

  8. Interview Preparation

    We ensure that students are confident and prepared to go into their college interviews. Our advisors lead mock interviews and reveal the most commonly asked questions.  

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Student Success Stories

Applying to colleges can be stressful and confusing. We created the blueprint
for our students to unlock the college admissions process.

Ana was awarded a full-ride scholarship to UPenn. She started working with our team her sophomore year. We helped her improve his SAT scores, gain leadership positions in her extracurricular activities, and write her scholarship essays.

Grace gained acceptance and received a scholarship to Tulane, her first-choice school. One of the Amikka founders helped her with her SAT preparation, application strategy, interview preparation, personal statement, and supplemental essays.

Diana was awarded a scholarship to attend Harvard. She worked with one of our college advisors, who helped her identify her strengths, interests, and application strategy. 

Jason was accepted to Princeton. He worked with one of our college advisors to improve his writing skills, craft his personal statement, and prepare for college interviews.

Katie was accepted to the University of Florida, where she received a scholarship. She got into her first-choice school after her and her brother worked with our team for college advising, essay editing, and SAT preparation.