What is the Best Month to Take the SAT?

What is the Best Month to Take the SAT?

Written by Chris Hernandez

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Preparing for the SAT can be a daunting task, especially when you're short on time. While ideally, you'd want to spend several months gearing up for the exam, sometimes life doesn't afford us that luxury. Whether you're a last-minute crammer or a strategic planner, finding the best month to take the SAT can significantly impact your performance and, ultimately, your college admissions journey.

Just like acing any major exam, success on the SAT requires careful planning, focused preparation, and strategic execution. So, let's dive into the optimal timing for taking the SAT and how you can make the most of your preparation in a month's time.

Why Month Matters

Before we delve into the specifics of timing, it's crucial to understand why the month you choose to take the SAT matters. Your readiness, both academically and mentally, plays a pivotal role in your performance. Here's why timing is key:

  1. Peak Performance: Choosing a month where you're likely to be at your academic best can significantly impact your SAT score. Factors like workload from school, extracurricular commitments, and personal circumstances can influence your readiness.
  1. Preparation Time: The amount of time you have to prepare for the SAT directly affects your confidence and competence. While some students thrive under time pressure, others may need more extensive preparation to perform optimally.
  1. Application Deadlines: Understanding the application deadlines for your target colleges is essential. Taking the SAT in a month that aligns with your college application timeline ensures that your scores are available when you need them.

Now that we've established the importance of timing, let's explore the best month to take the SAT and how you can maximize your preparation within that time frame.

Choosing the Best Month

While there isn't a universally perfect month to take the SAT, several factors can help you determine the optimal timing:

  1. Academic Calendar: Consider your school's academic calendar and workload. Avoid scheduling the SAT during months with heavy exam schedules or crucial academic commitments.
  1. Personal Commitments: Evaluate your extracurricular commitments, family events, and any other personal obligations. Choose a month with fewer distractions to focus solely on SAT preparation. Consider any seasonal activities or commitments that may coincide with your chosen test date. For example, if you're involved in sports or extracurricular events that peak during certain months, schedule the SAT during a quieter period to minimize distractions.
  1. Test Dates Availability: Check the College Board's SAT test dates and select a month with a test date that aligns with your schedule and allows for adequate preparation time.
  1. Holiday Considerations: Be mindful of holidays and school breaks when scheduling the SAT. While some students may prefer to take the exam during a break from school, others may find it challenging to balance preparation with holiday festivities and family obligations.
  1. Application Deadlines: Review the application deadlines for your target colleges. Work backward from these deadlines (taking into account how much time you need for preparation, and how long it takes to receive scores) to determine the latest month you can take the SAT while ensuring your scores reach the admissions offices on time.
  1. Peak Performance Period: Reflect on your own peak performance periods. Some students perform better during certain times of the year due to factors like weather, stress levels, or personal preferences.
  1. Test Retake Opportunities: Consider leaving room for potential test retakes if you're not satisfied with your initial score. Check the College Board's policies on test retakes and plan accordingly to allow for sufficient preparation time between exams.


Taking these factors into account, you can strategically choose the best month to take the SAT that optimizes your readiness and minimizes potential distractions.


Enhance SAT Prep

To enhance your SAT preparation, consider utilizing the following external resources:

  1. Amikka Learning: Amikka Learning has great one-month and two-month SAT preparation guides, as well as SAT prep courses and tutors that will help you achieve success!
  1. College Board: The official SAT website provides valuable resources, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides.
  1. Princeton Review: The Princeton Review offers comprehensive SAT prep courses, books, and online resources to help students excel on the exam.

Remember, choosing the best month to take the SAT requires careful consideration of various factors, including your academic calendar, personal commitments, and application deadlines. Once you've identified the optimal timing, a focused study plan can help you maximize your preparation and increase your chances of success on test day.

By leveraging external resources, developing a structured study schedule, and implementing effective test-taking strategies, you can approach the SAT with confidence and achieve your target score. Remember, success on the SAT is not just about mastering content but also about strategic preparation and mindset readiness. This will help you stay motivated for the SAT and pave the way for future academic success.

Written by Founder
Chris Hernandez

Christopher Hernandez, the founder of Amikka Learning, couldn’t afford expensive SAT tutoring so he spent hundreds of hours studying on his own.

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His dream was to change this.

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